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Bridging the Gap Between Service Providers and Ownership / Management

We take care of your security so you can focus on what matters most.

The What

- We listen

- We design

- We vet the technology 

- We vet the installer

- We oversee the project

- We commission the system

- We offer life long support

The How

We take your vision, dreams, desires, expectations, needs and package it all up with a design that will not only meet those but exceed them. We then vet all vendors and hold them accountable throughout the entire install and support process. We do not treat every project as and one and done. It is a life long commitment.

The Why

At times we get asked, what's your secret sauce. My answer is the same, love and care for your clients. They are family. That is the secret sauce. Because we love and care, we put everything into every project with the goal to go above and beyond needs and expectations.


To many times we are asked to come and asses security systems that aren't working or operating as expected. And, unfortunately, more often than not, we find many of the following:

- Poorly designed systems
- Inadequate coverage
- Poor camera placement
- Wrong cameras used
- Underperforming VMS
- No flexibility from integrator

- No scalability
- Poor support

We represent you. We guarantee an optimal system that is going to go above and beyond your needs and expectations. We take your vision and dreams of your security system and make them into reality without the stress of the system oversight.

Noy Security & Design Consulting was formed to bridge the gap between a service provider / integrator and ownership and /or managment. We take care of you by designing the best CCTV solution for your property, assist with selecting the right integrator and technology and oversee the entire integration process as well as ongoing support. We take care of all this so you can focus on what matters most.

Life long partners

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It is unique when one receives exceptional service paired with an exceptional product. This has been my experience working with Jose and the camera system we have installed. His professionalism has been unmatched, as he has walked with me every step of the way. From presentation to proposal, from purchase to installation, my complete experience with him has been exemplary. Not only will I recommend him to all of my contemporaries, but I will also only use him in my future endeavors. Incredible service, an incredible product, and even incredible person.

Assistant Director of Security at Sagamore Pendry Baltimore


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